Ski Centre Elatochorioy

 From Veria you follow the way to Barbarian - Sfykia - Rhizomes. Afterwards you turn left to [Elatochori]. It is found in the prefecture Pieria in the limits with the prefectures Imathia and Kozani. In near distance from the village Elatochori where it took also his name. With north-eastern view to Olympus and the coasts of Chalkidiki, while to the westerners enjoys somebody [Aliakmona] and the marvellous mountain ranges. It is from the newer ski centres of country, with first time of operation period 2001-2002 and with very quick growth.


Kaimaktsalan  or Boras  

mountain that it means white top is the third bigger mountain of Greece in altitude 2.524 m. Kaimaktsalan is raised at length of  Greek-Yugoslavian border, while the bigger part of his Greek department belongs in the Prefecture Pella.constitutes pole of attraction  and climbers, as well as for thousands  that visit the ultramodern installations of Ski Centre, while the national team and most faculties ski begin there their preparation. The  Ski Centre Bora-Kaimaktsalan abstains 45 kilometres from the  city of Edessa and is developed in his south-eastern side terms in altitude from 2.050 until 2.480 metres. In the top of mountain exists the very beautiful church of Prophet Ilia.


National Ski Centre Seli

In south-western  of Bermio, in altitude of 1.530 metres, is found the National Ski Centre Seli. Year - landmark constitutes in 1934, when took place in this locality the first Pan-Hellenic Fights of ski. However, ski it began his operation in 1955, when was placed first lift in  the country, a air chair of length of 750 metres, that reached in altitude of 1.600 metres, while 13 years later it reached in 1.730 extended at 500 metres.



 ski centre Basilitsas. In a enchanting environment in the north-western department of prefecture Grevenas, in distance of 42 km from the capital of prefecture, in the heart of immortal Pindos, is found the National Ski Centre Basilitsas. Function 2 drawn anabatires and for beginners in the place Mpalntoyma. these first with the name Migdanis of length of 800 m. in altitude 1810 - 2034 m. and second with the name Tymfaia of length of 980 m. in altitude 1774 - 2040 they give new prospects and possibilities in the ski centre and in his capacity and classifying him in first in Northern Greece. 


3 - 5 WELLS ski centre  3-5 [ Pigadia]

we find in his western side terms Bermion in altitude 1430-2005 m. It abstains 17 klm. from the city of Naoussa and the been paved street remains always open at the wintry period. The ski dance floors of each degree of difficulty, satisfy the requirements for athletic but also tourist. With the system artificial, unique in Greece, ensured most excellent is quality of snow, the all duration of wintry period.